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Love Will Remember
Selena Gomez
Recorded 2013
Length 3:31
Label Hollywood Records
Writers Selena Gomez, Antonina Armato, Desmond Child, Tim James, David Jost
Produced by Rock Mafia, Dubkiller

Love Will Remember is a song by American recording artist and actress Selena Gomez, taken from debut solo album Stars Dance (2013). It was written by Gomez, Antonina Armato, Desmond Child, Tim James, and David Jost. While production was handled by long-time collaborators Rock Mafia. Musically, the song is a mid tempo piano-led dance ballad, derived from the genres of pop, dance-pop, and teen pop. It's production features light dance beats accompanied by a simple drum pattern. Lyrically, Love Will Remember speaks of her relationship with pop singer Justin Bieber, with Gomez calling it the most "personal" song on the album.


In June 2011, Selena Gomez & The Scene released their third studio album, When The Sun Goes Down. Musically, the album was rooted in pop, teen pop, and electro-disco, while containing elements of electropop, indie pop, and dance music, similar to the groups sophomore album, A Year Without Rain (2010). When The Sun Goes Down received generally mixed reviews from contemporary music critics upon its release. The album was a commercial success, debuting at number four on the Billboard 200 album chart with 78,000 copies sold, giving the group their highest charting position and debut sales week as of June 2011. The album went on to see over 650,000 copies as of July 2013. The album produced three singles, including the worldwide hits Who Says and Love You Like A Love Song. Love You Like A Love Song reached the top 10 in over 16 countries, and sold over 4 million copies in the US alone.

In January 2012, Gomez announced that she would put her music career on hold in order to focus on her acting career, and that the band would be taking a hiatus: "my band and I are going our separate ways for a while. This year is all about films and acting and I want my band to play music wherever with whoever. We will be back but, it will be a good while." Despite her earlier statements, Gomez confirmed in October 2012 that work had begun on an upcoming album. Gomez later confirmed that the album would be her solo debut album, rather than her band's fourth album. On July 9, 2013 an audio leaked online what seems to be a version of Love Will Remember including a voicemail recording at the beginning of the song. It was confirmed it was a message from Justin Bieber to Selena. The recording was eventually cut from the official album version of the song.


Love Will Remember is a piano-lead dance ballad, written by Antonina Armato, Desmond Child, Tim James, and David Jost, and has a length of three minutes and thirty-one seconds. It was produced by long-time collaborators Rock Mafia, along with additional production from Dubkiller. Musically, Love Will Remember derives from the genres of pop, dance-pop, and teen pop, and is backed by light dance beats and a simple drum pattern,and in the chorus and bridge, there's a choral singing "Lo-o-o-o-o-ove" . According to sheet music published at by EMI Music Publishing, Love Will Remember is set in common time, with a moderate pop tempo of 112 beats per minute. Gomez's vocals in the song span from G3 to Bb4.

The lyrics are written about Selena's relationship with Justin Bieber and the song is, according to a personal statement of her, "the most personal track on the record", Selena stated as well "I think it’s a sweet way of releasing it. It’s not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting. I’m sure he’ll love it too."


Upon the release of Stars Dance, Love Will Remember debuted at number 118 on the South Korea Gaon International Chart, due to high digital downloads.